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Herrenchiemsee Festpiele

Herreninsel and Fraueninsel


A French Baroque château in the middle of a Bavarian Chiemsee island. During the day a lively magnet for people from all over the world; in the evening, after the departure of the last steamer, a place of magical silence. In 1878 Ludwig II created, in the form of Herrenchiemsee, his brilliantly anachronistic replica of Versailles as the realization of a Baroque contradiction: the royal court as a sheep farm.



One of Germany's first artist colonies was founded on Frauenchiemsee in 1828. The convent was reinstated and remains to this day. Grandiose architectural monuments, including the Carolingian Gatehouse and the Romanesque Minster, bear witness to the continuity of twelve hundred years of culture.



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