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Herrenchiemsee Festpiele


Since 2000 Enoch zu Guttenberg has been Artistic Director (Intendant) of the international music festival which bears the full title "Herrenchiemsee - Festspiele am Hof Ludwigs II" (Herrenchiemsee Festival at the Court of Ludwig II). The annual summer festival follow a stringent thematic concept that draws its legitimation from the site - Herrenchiemsee Palace - and from the ambivalent personality of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The first Herrenchiemsee Festival took place in the year 2000 as a Bach Festival to mark the 250th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach's death. The following year was devoted to the interaction between nature and art, between seemingly naive vernacular sound and highly elaborate virtuosity. In 2002 Guttenberg, under the title "Leiden an Wagner" (freely translated: The Wagner Headache), thematized the polarization that characterized the world of music from 1850, when at times it was only possible to compose either as a declared adherent or an equally declared opponent of Richard Wagner. 2003 saw the performance of works that oscillated "Between Countries and Eras". 2004 was concerned with "Music in Harmony and in Conflict with its Time", 2005 with "Artificial Paradises - Dream Landscapes in Music", 2006 with "Mozart-lines", 2007 with "Masculine - Feminine", 2008 with "Turning points", 2009 "Still-life. Nature morte", 2010 "Sun Kings and Shadow Kingdoms", 2011 "Back to the Future - a Homage to Ludwig II", 2012 "The music of words", 2013 "Baroque Fantasies", 2014 "Son et lumière", 2015 "Of foreign Lands and Peoples", 2016 "Nachtmusik",  2017 "Of God and Gods – Pathways of Baroque", in 2018 the motto was „Europe!“ and in 2019 „A Kingdom of Arts“.



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